Our abiliti

The abiliti® system is designed to be the first “intelligent” obesity intervention. The system contains sensors intended to track consumption events and physical activity using this information to direct when therapy is delivered and to monitor a patient’s progress toward weight loss goals.

Once implanted, and activated, the abiliti system is designed to detect when a person consumes food or drink. The system then delivers a series of low- energy electrical impulses to the stomach designed to create a feeling of fullness. Based upon individual needs, the electrical therapy, known as gastric stimulation, is customized. The system also collects the output of the food detection and activity sensors intended to provide a detailed picture of food consumption and exercise trends. These data can be downloaded at the physician’s office and may be used by patients and their healthcare provider to monitor their progress toward weight loss goals.

For more information on the abiliti system, visit our product web site abiliti.com.